quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009

Howard Hodgkin

"A storm", 1977, água forte

"His usual method is to start from a memory, eliminating excessive detail in order to concentrate the essence of his experience in a saturation of color and pattern, sometimes overpainting a work for several years."

"What is important" - H. Hodgkin says - "is that what I feel, think and see turns into something ... it starts off in my head and ends up a thing"

"Hodgkin's paintings may often appear to be abstract, but he describes himself as "a representational painter of emotional situations".

Deixo mais dois links:
www.howardhodgkin.org.uk/, em que podem consultar a obra gráfica do pintor.
E um artigo, bastante crítico do unanimismo que se criou à volta da obra de Hodgkin, publicado no Guardian a propósito da retrospectiva que esteve patente na Tate Britain em 2006: www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2006/jun/13/tatebritain/print.

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